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New! More essays sought for MLA book on Teaching Revolution


Call for proposals, Teaching Representations of the French Revolution

NEW:  More essays sought!

Revolution in Haiti

Politics & Charlie Hebdo: Contemporary French Context

Literature: Drama

Essay proposals are invited for a volume in the MLA’s Options for Teaching series entitled Teaching Representations of the French Revolution, to be edited by Julia Douthwaite (University of Notre Dame), Catriona Seth (Université de Lorraine), and Antoinette Sol  (University of Texas Arlington) This goal of this collection of essays is to make this field more accessible to non-specialists and to teachers in different settings, from the Humanities class at a community college to the research seminar in a graduate program.

The collection of essays will complement traditional sources and include the arts, ephemera, realia, archival material and once popular but now forgotten texts in the classroom.  Accordingly, we intend to highlight through a number of settings how the revolutionary heritage lives on in our own vulnerable times. As a glance at any newspaper will reveal, we still live in a world of propaganda, advertisement, political violence, terrorism, revolution, and reaction. The essays in this proposed volume will speak to ways current students will be helped in understanding these things as well as learning about more narrowly focused topics.

We are particularly interested in pedagogically-oriented essays on ways to integrate the French Revolution into diverse courses, along with ways to present difficult material, how to engage students, and how to help students acquire the necessary contexts to understand the volume’s topic.  In addition, essays dealing with teaching with translations, finding source materials (written, visual, or musical), and suggestions for ways to use these in the classroom are welcome.

The volume is shaping up nicely but we still seek essays on the following three new topics:  1) Revolution in Haiti; 2) Politics & Charlie Hebdo: Contemporary French Context; 3) Literature: Drama.

If you are interested in contributing an essay (3,000-3,500 words) to one of these sections, please submit an abstract of approximately 500 words in which you describe your approach or topic and explain its potential benefit for students and instructors alike. The focus of proposed essays should be pedagogical.

Note that if you plan to quote from student writing in your essay, you must obtain written permission from your students to do so. Proposed essays should not be previously published.

Abstracts and CVs should be sent to the volume editors by 1 July 2015. Please send e-mail submissions to Professor Julia Douthwaite (, Professor Catriona Seth (, and Professor Antoinette Sol ( with the subject line “Approaches to Teaching the Fr Rev.” Surface-mail submissions can be sent to Professor Douthwaite at the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN 46556.


The 2011 “What You must know about the Revolution” roundtable announced

We are happy to announce that a roundtable on “What You Must Know About the French Revolution: Literary Round Table / Les Must de la Révolution française: Table ronde littéraire,” will be held at the annual meeting of the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies in Vancouver, BC, on Thursday March 17, from 4:15-5:45pm.

Speakers and “Musts” to be discussed include:
1.  Amir MINSKY, New York University, Abu Dhabi.  Campe, Briefe aus Paris (1790)
2.  Geneviève GOUBIER, Université de Provence, France.   Louvet, Émilie de Varmont (1791)
3.  Eric AVOCAT, University of Kyoto,  Japan.  Lequinio, Les Préjugés détruits par J.M. Lequinio (1792)
4.  Jeff LEICHMAN, Sarah Lawrence College.  Beaumarchais, La Mère coupable (1792)
5.  Susan MASLAN, University of California, Berkeley.  Piis, La Nourrice républicaine (Year 2, ca. 1793-94)
6.  Lesley WALKER, Indiana University South Bend.  Genlis, Les Chevaliers du cygne (1795)
7.  Cecilia FEILLA, Marymount Manhattan College.  Bonaparte,  La Tribu indienne (1799)

Longer versions of the papers will be posted one month before the conference on this website.